Nick Orlando Joins Management Team as Group Manager of Development

Responding to the increasing demands of its development team, FeneTech Director of Software Development Matt Buchanan has announced the promotion of Nick Orlando to Development Group Manager.

Nick Orlando

Over the last two years, Orlando has served the development group as Quality Lead. In that capacity, he was responsible for much of the development team’s in-depth customer support. According to Buchanan, “Nick has had an outsized impact on the success of our software development here at FeneTech. His accomplishments to date are numerous on multiple fronts.”

A 2009 graduate of Gannon University with a degree in software engineering, Orlando has been with FeneTech his entire career. During that time, Orlando has had a significant role in developing some of the software’s most fundamental yet pivotal features. He has also contributed to support, code review, hotfix and documentation process improvements, and has led multiple developer lunch and learn sessions.

Ron Crowl, FeneTech President & CEO, is pleased with the announcement of Orlando’s promotion. “I am thrilled that the continued growth of our software development team provides opportunities for our valued employees. Nick’s combination of technical and interpersonal skills made him an easy choice to fill this critical role at FeneTech. I’m happy to welcome him to our management team”.

In Orlando’s new role, he will serve as Group Manager for both the Software Development’s Production and Service teams. His vision for the Production team includes pushing the boundaries to ensure the company remains on the cutting edge of automated manufacturing. For the Service team, Orlando plans to increase the use of cloud and web-based services. “To each of my teams, I plan to bring optimism, enthusiasm, and a deep desire to innovate while making the best possible and providing the best service and support to our customers. If my team members aren’t excited to come to work every day, it’ll be my mission in life to fix that.”

Orlando joined FeneTech in 2009.