"We are very pleased with our choice to work with FeneVision." GlassBuild Connect John Dwyer, Syracuse Glass "FeneVision involves users in determining where to improve." Rick Wuest, President
Thompson Creek Windows

L.W. Deal, Vice President
Virginia Glass Products
"The software is continuing to evolve to fit our needs."
Tim Kelley, President
Tristar Glass Products
"FeneVision takes us through the entire process."
Educating users through the FeneTech User Conference each year since 2002.

Is your glass and window software working for you?

We create and support software solutions for the glass processing and window and door industries that help you achieve the results you want.

FeneVision ERP software for glass fabricators and window and door makers enables you to remove obstacles and integrate the capabilities that support your success—from web estimation and order entry to optimization to production to shipping and beyond. FeneVision is a flexible solution, allowing you to customize the software to the way you do business—we don’t offer cookie cutter solutions here.

Curious about what companies who use FeneVision have to say about our software, our implementation process, or the unparalleled support FeneTech provides? Our customer testimonials, gathered from leaders in the glass processing and window and door industries, serve as solid testaments to the quality of our products and the dedication of our talented software professionals who are with you every step of the implementation process—and beyond. Our customers, who demand excellence in every aspect of their manufacturing, remain steadfast in their praise of FeneTech and FeneVision.

Discover the top five reasons to choose FeneVision. Contact us for additional details on how being part of the FeneVision experience can help you achieve the results you want.

Window & Door Manufacturing

Window & Door Manufacturing

Two decades of commitment to glass and window manufacturing business success

FeneTech evolved over two decades ago from an international manufacturing automation firm. Today, hundreds of glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing companies worldwide rely on FeneTech and its FeneVision family of software solutions. We are a customer-centered company; that is, our software development is driven by what our customers need to be successful.

Customers have the opportunity to engage in an open forum with FeneTech where they can share their production challenges—allowing us to target our development toward their success.

We support these customers 24/7 from offices in Ohio and Luxembourg and through annual user-focused educational experiences such as the FeneTech User Conference and other industry events.

FeneTech Testimonials



“The biggest benefit with FeneVision is that we can configure it to fit exactly what we do.” Laura Doerger-Roberts, president of Vinylmax Windows, is an awe-inspiring presence in the window and door industry—a direct result of her and her family’s indomitable work ethic and their shared passion for the company’s mission—Prioritize[read more]
Laurier Glass

Laurier Glass

"FeneVision has exceeded our expectations." Executive Vice President Mélanie Mercier of Laurier Glass, located just southwest of Québec City, recalls her rather daunting introduction into her family’s glass tempering business.  Just as Mélanie was preparing to join her sister Caroline as co-owner of the now 67-year-old company, Laurier was forced to[read more]
TECESA Architectural Glass

TECESA Architectural Glass

For architectural glass fabrication company TECESA, FeneVision is all the enhancement needed to make their business stand out among their competitors. Northwest of Mexico City, the town of Irapuato in the Bajío Valley lies along the Irapuato River.  Using irrigation waters from the upper Lerma River, Irapuato has leveraged its unique[read more]

FeneVision software for the glass and window industries

FeneTech News

Tipping Point

DWM Magazine's Drew Vass talks to FeneTech's Matt Batcha about technology's future amid COVID-19 If advancement is a product of necessity, COVID-19 could make enterprise- based software and automation permanent linchpins for door and window manufacturing. As more employees work from home, software providers say they're leaning on features that connect(Read more)

What are VLANs and Why Should I Use Them?

AJ Piscitelli, PMP Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect With so many active threats today, it is important today to protect your most important resources. By segregating your network, you can lower the attack surface area of your equipment. We discussed this a bit in my last blog(Read more)

Securing Your Wi-Fi

AJ Piscitelli, PMP Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect A recent poll that I gave as part of a presentation few weeks ago showed that nearly all fabricators in our industry are using Wi-Fi at their facility. I can’t remember the last time I visited a facility(Read more)

We are FeneTech, creators of software for glass and window manufacturers

We’re proud to present our latest video capturing the amazing people who design and implement the outstanding products we create at FeneTech. Take a look at who we are, what we do, and why FeneTech and our FeneVision family of software solutions just might be the answer to your production needs.

Thinking of choosing a glass or window software solution?

Investing in an ERP solution for your glass processing or window manufacturing business should be a careful process. Make sure you have the best information from the experts in manufacturing before making any decision. We’d like to help.  Download FeneTech’s latest white paper on how best to choose an ERP solution for your business needs.

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