FeneVision ERP for glass fabricators

Glass fabrication ERP, tracking, sales and optimization software

Annealed, monolithic, heat strengthened, tempered, laminated, insulated, notches, holes, spacers, grids, gas filling—so many options. How many times do you reenter the same data to fulfill an order? Once to create a quotation? Again to enter an order? Again at each work cell? Again to create an invoice? How many people do you pay just to do all that reentering?

Everywhere you turn, do you seem to have different systems doing different work? Is each work cell an island unto itself? Can anyone get the equipment and systems in your company to talk to each other? To automatically share data?

Even if your systems are connected …

How much flexibility do you have in scheduling production? Some? None? Must you schedule production three days before? Seven days? More?

How long does it take to schedule and release one day of production? An entire day? Longer? What about last minute changes phoned in by customers? Are you constantly reprinting stacks of paper and running them down to the factory floor?

A glass fabrication company can and should be a highly efficient custom manufacturing operation. But most glass companies are being held back on the shop floor—and wherever else work is done on isolated systems, data is entered over and over again or procedures are limited, inadequate and outdated.

FeneVision and FeneTech are ready to help you change all of that

FeneVision is the first glass fabrication system designed from the factory floor up, rather than from the office down. It doesn’t try to take command in the front office only to lose its way in the factory. It wasn’t dreamed up by some programmer or accountant.

Instead, FeneVision was created and built by manufacturing engineers with a world of experience in process control systems and manufacturing integration—and nearly two decades of direct experience in glass and fenestration. Chances are, there’s equipment on your floor being run by software developed by FeneTech engineers and programmers.

We’ve used that knowledge and capability to create an advanced manufacturing system that captures data once, and then uses it efficiently everywhere from the front office to the shipping dock and back again. FeneVision helps you “create” time throughout your organization by automating what can be done better by computers and by connecting the process and people that achieve more by working together.

Bringing it all together lets you gain control over the chaos of mass custom manufacturing. Giving you instant access to accurate information improves decision-making and customer service. Making it easy to use helps you improve productivity and reduce training costs.

Our goal is not to just sell software, but to become your long-term partner for manufacturing and business excellence, to help bring everything in your business together how it should be. In glass fabrication, it all starts on the factory floor, where FeneVision truly excels—so you can too.


FeneVision CORE Software is a cornerstone of the FeneVision family, providing valuable production control and information to both plant management and direct labor. The modular software is deployed on networked PCs to schedule, optimize, execute and track IG, window and door manufacturing.


FeneTech has developed web and client based quotation and order entry software applications built on the concepts of our successful FeneVision Order Entry system.

Tracking System

The FeneVision Tracking System collects production information and displays key unit assembly attributes to the floor and front office, providing instant status and historical review of production.

Glass Optimizer

After many years of developing custom glass optimizers for others in the industry, FeneTech has developed its own glass optimizer, OPTI-Glass.

Tempering System

The FeneVision Tempering bed optimization is a high performance software tool and delivers excellent bed yields.