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[AURORA, OH MARCH 1, 2021] Responding to the increasing demands of its development team, FeneTech Director of Software Development Matt Buchanan has announced the promotion of Nick Orlando to Development Group Manager.

Nick Orlando
Nick Orlando

Over the last two years, Orlando has served the development group as Quality Lead. In that capacity, he was responsible for much of the development team’s in-depth customer support. According to Buchanan, “Nick has had an outsized impact on the success of our software development here at FeneTech. His accomplishments to date are numerous on multiple fronts.”

A 2009 graduate of Gannon University with a degree in software engineering, Orlando has been with FeneTech his entire career. During that time, Orlando has had a significant role in developing some of the software’s most fundamental yet pivotal features. He has also contributed to support, code review, hotfix and documentation process improvements, and has led multiple developer lunch and learn sessions.

Ron Crowl, FeneTech President & CEO, is pleased with the announcement of Orlando’s promotion. “I am thrilled that the continued growth of our software development team provides opportunities for our valued employees. Nick’s combination of technical and interpersonal skills made him an easy choice to fill this critical role at FeneTech. I’m happy to welcome him to our management team”.

In Orlando’s new role, he will serve as Group Manager for both the Software Development’s Production and Service teams. His vision for the Production team includes pushing the boundaries to ensure the company remains on the cutting edge of automated manufacturing. For the Service team, Orlando plans to increase the use of cloud and web-based services. “To each of my teams, I plan to bring optimism, enthusiasm, and a deep desire to innovate while making the best possible and providing the best service and support to our customers. If my team members aren’t excited to come to work every day, it’ll be my mission in life to fix that.”

Orlando joined FeneTech in 2009. Since 1996, FeneTech, Inc has been the world’s preeminent software provider for the glass fabrication and window & door manufacturing industries. Learn more at https://fenetech.com

[BERTRANGE, LUXEMBOURG January 18, 2021] FeneTech Europe Sàrl Director Sylvain Kaiser announces the promotion of Yannick Paulis to Group Manager.

Yannick Paulis

Since joining FeneTech in February 2011, Paulis has been involved in many projects, demonstrating a strong customer commitment. An optimistic person, Paulis always recognizes solutions rather than problems. Paulis has gone above and beyond to prove his commitment to quality and FeneTech’s mission statement: To provide the best products, service and support to each and every customer—every single day.

“Over the last years, Yannick has proven he always put customer satisfaction in the first place. It is a great pleasure for me to welcome him in FeneTech Europe’s management team and I am excited to see him apply his experience and natural leadership in his new role,” Kaiser affirmed.

In his new role as Group Manager, Paulis will build a team that will specialize in the implementation of German-speaking customer projects.

According to Kaiser, Paulis will be guiding company’s project managers and engineers toward successful project execution in addition to helping build a customer base in the German-speaking market.

FeneTech Europe Sàrl CEO Horst Mertes expressed his pleasure in Paulis’ new position. “Yannick has always been a very enthusiastic and passionate employee. I am glad we now have him in this role— this will further strengthen our position and offer a perfect service to our constantly growing customer base throughout Europe.”

[AURORA, OH February 1, 2021] Responding to the needs of its expanding software development and growing customer base, FeneTech, Inc. VP of Engineering Craig Morris announced today the promotion of Brett Wilson to Quality Assurance Group Manager.

Brett Wilson

Wilson joined FeneTech in 2011 after earning a BS in Applied Mathematics from Kent State University. During his nearly ten years with FeneTech, he has demonstrated the ability to expand his knowledge of the software and proven his commitment to quality and FeneTech’s mission statement: To provide the best products, service and support to each and every customer—every single day.

FeneTech President and CEO Ron Crowl expressed confidence in Wilson’s new position. “Brett fully understands the critical role the Quality Assurance group at FeneTech plays in allowing us to deliver quality software solutions to our customers. I have a high degree of confidence that with Brett’s leadership, we are taking steps to solidify our company’s foundation further, allowing us to live our mission statement.”

Wilson has initiated and led the company’s automated testing initiatives and, when needed, executed Customer Care and Applications group projects.  In 2019 Wilson was promoted to Quality Assurance Testing Lead, where he led team testing, employee development and build planning.

In Wilson’s new role, he will have complete responsibility for the Quality Assurance Group, emphasizing team growth, quality, and output. His duties will include further embedding the team into development activities, increasing test automation and improving procedures and best practices. 

Since 1996, FeneTech, Inc has been the world’s preeminent software provider for the glass fabrication and window & door manufacturing industries. Learn more at https://fenetech.com.

user conference

[AURORA, OH, January 21, 2021] After canceling its annual user conference last year and offering users a virtual user conference in May 2020,FeneTech, Inc. is again planning to provide a free virtual conference for their customers worldwide.

Initially, the US conference was scheduled for in-person June 7-9. Both FeneTech US and FeneTech Europe have decided their respective virtual conferences will also take place June 7-9.


AJ Piscitelli, PMP
Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect

As we enter December, most of us are adapting to scaled down gatherings, and mostly online gift shopping. It’s also a good time to go over things to make sure you’re all set for the holidays and be ready to go for the new year. These are a few of the checks that I do around this time, which may be useful for you as well.

Try to line everything up now

 I often take a few weeks off during the holidays, so I’m quite used to getting everything ready before I walk out the door on my vacation. I, like most people, don’t want to be disturbed during the holidays and want to use the time to relax and enjoy my family.

So, I spend the first two weeks of December preparing for my time off. I make sure that my resources have everything they need to be able to finish their work. I line up several reserve tasks that are lower priority, that my resources can work on if they get stuck. I make sure that all of my routine outside contacts know that I’ll be gone, that way they aren’t expecting a quick reply.

Even if you don’t take any time off around the holidays, I encourage you to line up things too. A lot of your co-workers and outside contacts will be off. This means that you might have to wait until after the holidays for your request. Also, getting everything ready ahead of time will allow you to focus more on your family during the holidays than work.

Checkup on your backups

AJ Piscitelli Blog

Backups are so important that I tend to mention them several times, mostly because I’ve seen the aftermath without them. It’s a good time to check your backups to make sure that they are completing successfully, and the backups are valid.

The validity is an important topic. If you haven’t done it recently, take some time to restore your backups to make sure that they work. If you don’t know that your backups are valid, then your data is at risk.

Re-evaluate what is being backed up

When was the last time that you edited your backup jobs? Have you added any servers or virtual machines since then? This is another area where I like to check at least twice a year. I like to take a look at my backup jobs and see all of the areas that are being captured. Ideally, the jobs are setup to automatically add new machines, or shared folders. But sometimes things get missed. Take a look to see if you have any machines or shares that might not be in your backup jobs.

Check subscriptions renewing in 2021

It seems that we have subscriptions for everything now: anti-virus & firewall, domains & DNS, network management & monitoring, and all kinds of different software packages. Take a look through your list and see all of the items that are going to renew in the first half of 2021. Do you still need these products? Maybe you don’t need to renew that old domain, or you aren’t using AutoCAD as much as you used to (I fall into this one). Now’s a good time to clean house and save some money!

For those subscriptions that you do need to keep, is everything in order? Do you need to adjust the size of the product that you are using because you’ve had an increase or decrease in the number of users? Has the associated credit card expired or been compromised? A little work now might save you some major problems down the road.

Check your budgets

Depending on how your company operates, you may have a budget for your department. How far over or below are you on budget? Do you need to adjust next years budget to account for the changes? Did you put off some purchases because of COVID that you still need? You may want to check with your accounting department to see if it makes sense to make those procurements now before the end of the year, or they may ask for you to hold off until the beginning of next year. Either way, it’s a good thing to check.

Wrap up

These are just a few small items that I try and tackle before the end of the year. I’m curious if there are any other items that you try to wrap up this time of year. Let me know in the comments below.

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AJ Piscitelli, PMP
Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect

This is the second part of a true story from an IT Vendor dealing with a phishing attack at a small contracting firm, “ABC Contracting”. If you have not read the first part, you can find it here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/phishing-story-part-1-aj-piscitelli-pmp. As with part one, the names and identities of people and companies in this story have been changed for privacy.


Carriage House Doors "With FeneTech, we're seeing real benefits in the insights into our business, including inventory, job costs, and productivity." Shawn Guthrie
Carriage House Door
Carriage House Doors Carriage House Doors Carriage House Doors Carriage House Doors

Gains Cost Insight and Control with Rapid ERP Implementation

“We’re seeing real benefits in the insights into our business, including inventory, job costs, and productivity,”

Carriage House Door managers knew the company was successful, but they lacked immediate insight into the many custom garage doors they make each week.

“The challenge,” says Shawn Guthrie, director of manufacturing for Carriage House Door, “is how do we improve without dependable visibility? We needed to know more than the gross numbers to grow and improve the experience for our customers.”

Carriage House Door handcrafts gorgeous wood garage and swing doors and gates for high-end residential and commercial customers nationwide, produced at their California and North Carolina facilities.


AJ Piscitelli, PMP

Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect

As we head towards the end of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I thought I’d discuss what I consider one of the most dangerous cyber threats today: Phishing. Phishing is when attackers try to steal personal information from you by pretending to be someone else, fake surveys, or other forms of social engineering. It is the most successful strategy that attackers use to gain access to your network. Attackers are getting more and more sneaky and creating more ingenious traps to capture your credentials and personal information.