Integrated and automated … and FeneTech is on the cutting edge

Integrated and automated … and FeneTech is on the cutting edge

In October’s edition of Glass Magazine, editor Katy Devlin outlines the glass industry’s latest focus in her article “Integrated & Automated: Tracking the trends of the advancing glass fabrication facility.”  With fewer employees needed to operate and manage the latest systems, glass plants today have become more sophisticated, more efficient, and safer, in large part because of advancements in automation and plant integration.

“Industry 4.0 was a major focus of the 2017 GPD conference, where representatives from across the glass industry looked to the future of glass      production. During the event, Alex Ochoa, business development Latin America for FeneTech described the nine fundamental principles that make up Industry 4.0: autonomous robots, systems integration, Internet of Things, simulations, additive manufacturing, cloud computing, augmented reality, big data and cybersecurity. Those principles combine to create a secure, efficient and fully optimized manufacturing environment that will carry all industries, including glass, into the next phase of manufacturing, Ochoa said during GPD.”

Read here to find out more about this exciting trend.

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