In 2020, what value will you add?

AJ Piscitelli, PMP
Project Manager | ERP Solutions Provider | Cloud Architect

As we start 2020, most people have started their New Year’s resolutions. Some may have already broken them (you know who you are). At lot of these resolutions revolve around change. Whether it’s changing your diet, or changing habits, these resolutions mainly focus on changing something.

Change can be good and can be helpful, but I think we can do more. This year, I’d like you to have at least one resolution to add value to something. Whether it be your business, your community, your family or yourself, focus on adding value instead of just change. While it may seem like semantics at first, if you have the mindset of it being a value-add activity, you may be more apt to stick with it, and your goals may be more altruistic.

My New Year’s resolution in 2020 is to add value to my friends, colleagues, and the industry as a whole by providing the lessons learned and knowledge I’ve gained over the years. My goal is to write a blog entry at least once a month. When I’m working on entries, I’ll be keeping the following thoughts in my head to help remind me why I’ve decided to take it on:

  • My value add will be preventing someone from making the same costly mistakes I’ve made or have seen others make.
  • My value add will be introducing someone to a solution or technology that they never knew about.
  • My value add will be improving my writing and connecting with more people. (Hey, I never said that it had to be about everyone other than yourself.)

With these goals in mind, looking at things from a value-add perspective, I think it will be easier for me to continue writing throughout the year and provide high-value content for everyone.

With your New Year’s Resolution, what value will you add?