18th Annual FeneTech User Conference Begins

The FeneTech Virtual User Conference began today, marking the first-ever time in the company’s 24-year history that the conference has taken place on a virtual platform.

With over 200 users from all over the globe registered for this year’s online version, FeneTech is excited to share with their customers the software’s latest enhancements.

Matt Batcha, a business development liaison for FeneTech’s window and door manufacturers, found the interaction between him and his session’s attendees was comparable to past conferences. “We begin each conference by introducing new features within FeneVision. Though we were online instead of in-person, you could sense the excitement surrounding the discussion of these new features. This level of engagement was gratifying, as our user conference is all about celebrating our enhancements, sharing them with our users and educating them about how these features will positively impact their respective businesses.” 

Users from over 106 different window and door manufacturers and glass fabrication companies from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia have registered to attend the week-long conference. Though FeneTech is offering fewer sessions, the staff hopes to pack in as much information as possible into each hour-long time-slot.

The user conference is not only for customers. FeneTech gathers ideas from attendees that drive their development for the coming year. FeneTech President and CEO Ron Crowl stated, “It’s true that this year’s crisis has prevented us from coming together in person. What is also true is how essential it is to share with our valued customers what’s new in FeneVision and to get feedback on what they want to see next. With more than 200 customers around the world joining for the first day’s sessions, I can proudly say that the FeneTech User Conference is alive and well.”  

During the conference, FeneTech’s business development team will log users’ ideas regarding what additional features they would like to see in future releases of their FeneVision software. These outcomes will drive software development for the coming year. Meanwhile, FeneTech’s employees will return to their home-based offices to begin mapping a path for this future growth. 

Next year’s FeneTech User Conference is scheduled for June 7-9, 2021 and will take place in Cleveland, Ohio.