Labor and Automation

FeneTech’s Matt Batcha recently contributed to an article by Bethany Stough from Window & Door Magazine. In it, he provided his perspective on today’s workforce vis-à-vis the challenges of finding skilled labor and implementing new software solutions. Stough’s articles can be found in “Labor and Automation: How automation and technology make people less necessary, more important.”

Workforce Development: Labor And Automation

Bethany Stough taps FeneTech’s Matt Batcha on the changing fenestration industry

The fenestration industry is waking up to technology advancements and automation. While some companies have invested in more automated factories for years, industry suppliers and economic forecasters have seen a shift in the past two to three years where this type of investment is growing into a mainstream industry trend. The robots and automated machinery widely on display and sold at industry trade shows is one indication of this growing trend.

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Ron Crowl Addresses the Role of IoT in the Modern Factory

FeneTech president and CEO Ron Crowl writes about the role of IoT in the modern, automated factory in the June / July issue of Window & Door Magazine. In his article “The Digital Factory”, Crowl describes that by taking the concepts of automation, integration, IoT, and Industry 4.0, more data can be captured, analyzed, and presented in a usable manner that allows users to make proactive business decisions. Read his …

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Don’t Be Held Hostage

FeneTech’s A.J. Piscitelli warns of the dangers of Ransomware in his latest post, “Pay up, or never see your files again!”, outlining this ominous threat to your company’s files, but offering ways to ward off the bad guys. Pay up, or never see your files again! Working at FeneTech, I have an opportunity to see a lot of different networks and work with IT professionals with varying degrees of expertise. It’s an …

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