Manufacturing ERP for glass processing and window & door manufacturing: What software solution does it all?

Take a bird’s eye view of your entire glass processing or window manufacturing ERP operation. How can you get your production and business to run more efficiently, with more stability and fewer bottlenecks?

Are your systems and production areas isolated? Do you enter the same data multiple times? Is your information flowing or tripping you up? Do the same detail-driven errors get repeated?

Now, look beyond the actual manufacturing ERP process

What about the front and the back end, the office operations, shipping and delivery? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one integrated, proven, high-performance, agile, well-built and reliable manufacturing ERP system? One that takes in every aspect of your business, analyzes it, puts it all together, evaluates it and then presents to you a manufacturing solution that enables you to consistently improve and perform every day?

Welcome to FeneVision:  Glass processing and window & door manufacturing ERP

With FeneVision, there’s no need to piece together an unreliable and fragmentary system that attempts to manage the volume of work and the challenging daily production details that make or break your company. There’s no more islands of automation. With FeneVision, you have the flexibility to tailor the software to the way you do business. 

Instead, there’s one system. One solution. One well-oiled manufacturing ERP machine.

FeneVision. Problem solved.

What about Industry 4.0?

What if you could combine data from your ERP system with the machines on the shop floor? With FeneVision and FENml, you can. FENml is an open-source standard baseline communication tool created specifically for the fenestration industry.

FENml gives you a better, more holistic view of your production facility. Managers, supervisors, and maintenance can go to one location to see the data applicable to their job function.

FeneVision does it all

Make-to-order manufacturing requires the tight integration of all functional areas in order to operate efficiently. FeneTech has used its extensive experience in manufacturing and software development to create the industry-leading FeneVision family of glass processing and window manufacturing ERP products. FeneVision ERP for glass processing and window & door manufacturing is deployed in over 200 window, door, sunroom and glass fabrication companies where make-to-order manufacturing is the rule, not the exception.