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We create and support fenestration solutions that help you achieve those results. FeneVision ERP software for glass fabricators and window and door makers enables you to remove obstacles and integrate the capabilities that support your success, from web estimation and order entry to optimization to production to shipping and beyond. FeneTech Quality Systems, alone or with FeneVision, help you reduce errors, speed production, improve quality and boost yields. Discover the top five reasons to choose FeneVision and contact us for additional details on how being part of the FeneTech experience can help you create results.

FeneTech news

Vitrum Glass implements FeneVision as its ERP solution

In a recently published article in Glass Magazine, Nicky Whitehouse from Vitrum Glass describes the "FeneVision Experience" ... [The] configuration process lasted about a year, and was supported by a dedicated FeneTech team ... “FeneTech had brainstorm sessions with us. If we had a gap, they would help to come up(Read more)

Meeting demand, remote order entry, hot topics at 2015 FeneVision User Conference

Many window and door makers and others in the fenestration industry are at full capacity this summer and strategizing how to meet strong demand now and with what could be sustained growth. That theme emerged from the 83 attendees at the 13th annual edition of FeneVision ERP User Conference, which concluded(Read more)

Two decades of commitment to manufacturing and business success

FeneTech evolved two decades ago from an international manufacturing automation firm. Today, hundreds of glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing companies worldwide rely on FeneVision and FeneTech. We support them 24/7 from offices in Ohio and Luxembourg and through user-focused annual knowledge events the FeneVision User Conference and Glass Processing Automation Days (GPAD).

FeneTech testimonials

West Coast Glass – LineScanner

West Coast Glass – LineScanner

"Our business is supplying insulating glass to high end window and door manufacturers who make wood, aluminum and steel windows and doors throughout Southern California. They pay us more because we deliver higher quality. Our units go into windows and doors shipped all over the country. Our customers' end users don't[read more]
Syracuse Glass – FeneVision

Syracuse Glass – FeneVision

"Our company was started in 1909. A willingness to change over the years is a big reason we're still in business and growing more than 100 years later. Syracuse Glass was initially a glass distributor but over the years evolved into a fabricator. In 1973, we began making insulating glass as[read more]
Tristar Glass Products – FeneVision

Tristar Glass Products – FeneVision

"We started Tristar Glass Products from scratch in 2005. In 2015, we'll open our third fabrication facility and reach 200 employees." We're an architectural and decorative glass fabricator certified by PPG and Guardian. Most of our business comes through commercial glazing companies. Caring for customers is a big part of what[read more]

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