Van Noordenne: From Success to Even Bigger Triumph

Peter Koops outlines how FeneVision has guided the evolution of his company to an even more successful glass enterprise.

Dutch glass fabrication company Van Noordenne considers itself unique compared to most glass outfits, citing its business model as one-of-a-kind.  With multiple manufacturing and transportation facilities, combined with the rare ability to provide their customers with a full range of glass products, Van Noordenne prides itself on its speedy and flexible operation.

It is upon these pillars that the company was built.

An ever-growing volume

With success comes growth, and with that growth comes the need to manage the increasing demands of production along with the expectations of customers.  When it was time for Van Noordenne to take an already successful manufacturing model and expand upon it, it was FeneVision that edged out all other ERP systems, transforming Van Noordenne’s success into an even bigger triumph.

“Drowning in our own success became a potential risk.”

« Working with FeneVision is a breeze. »

Peter Koops, VanNoordenne

Before making the transition to FeneVision, much was at stake for the venerable glass company, founded in 1938. Van Noordenne’s biggest fear before changing over was that as a “… production / wholesale / trading company, we were faced with the complexity of handling an ever-growing volume.  Drowning in our own success became a potential risk.”  They had to trust that FeneVision could manage this increasing business.

Complete visibility

With the installation of FeneVision, Van Noordenne’s reservations subsided. Koops describes one of the most significant advantages of the cutting edge software as, “… having complete visibility into all of the important processes of our organization, including visibility across the various departments and subsidiaries of our company.”  This was especially crucial for Van Noordenne’s senior management staff members.

Even more gratifying is that with FeneVision, automatic and coherent workflows are tracked from one department and one function to the next.  This is especially crucial for a company such as Van Noordenne that is growing at much the same rate of speed and efficiency as its manufacturing operation.

Accomplishing more than ever before

FeneVision’s ability to identify units using barcode readers, its automated scheduling and planning in all production areas, and the capability of providing real-time data to production management are just three of new realities for Van Noordenne. Koops also reveals how FeneVision’s Business Intelligence feature identifies potential problems before they become an impediment, and the modular nature of the software ensures smooth transitions and quicker, more controllable implementation. Finally, FeneVision is a completely centralized system, which has alleviated Van Noordenne’s need for each department to have its own “system” installed.

Overcoming adversity

One of Van Noordenne’s most recent challenges was the damage to one of their subsidiary companies Glasprojecten Van Noordenne BV when it caught fire earlier in 2015.  Koops never let this tragedy get in the way of his commitment to the company and chose to persevere with the philosophy that every adversity is an opportunity for learning.  “Learning is an ongoing process,” he says, recalling a quote from Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha, “I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way, we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”  It’s perhaps this attitude that spurred Koops toward moving forward with FeneVision ERP software.

“FeneVision is a breeze.”

With Van Noordenne’s dedication to excellence, its fierce independence within the industry, and its commitment to providing ongoing finely-tuned logistics, service, and quality, it’s easy to see why FeneVision is a good fit for the Dutch glass fabricator.  “Working with FeneVision is a breeze,” Koops says.

Time will tell, but given Van Noordenne’s excellent track record combined with its discovery of the benefits of FeneVision, one can only imagine a future full of continued success.