Polaris Windows & Doors: Bold Choice Pays Off

Polaris Windows and Doors was a growing success in the late 1990s. The company had significantly grown its sales, customer base and product lines since it began making aluminum storm doors and windows in 1959 in Youngstown, Ohio. But by 1999, order entry errors were common and costly. Plant floor equipment was not connected or integrated. Staff configured doors in spreadsheets. The company needed a better way to run. « We …

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Saved by the Cloud at Burris Windows

Located near Dallas, Texas, FeneVision customer Burris Windows is a full-service window and door manufacturer for residential and commercial markets. Having been in business for more than 30 years, the company implemented FeneVision in 2009, and the business continued to grow. Even with Burris’ level of success, a business can still come to a crashing halt. Chief Operating Officer Reed Ashmore said, « We were a company where IT resources were …

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Stage Windows & Doors

Unlike most start-ups, the founders of Toronto-area Stage Windows & Doors began their business with a lifetime of experience behind them. As such, they knew that to be successful, Stage needed the industry’s best machinery and equipment supporting them. Their philosophy includes developing strong and lasting partnerships with these providers. That didn’t change when it came to finding an ERP solution. Setting the Stage Among the driving forces behind Stage …

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FEN-TECH: Investing in the Calm Before the Storm

The collateral effects of a pandemic weren’t foremost on FEN-TECH President Pat Heyten’s mind when his company went live with FeneTech’s FeneVision ERP solution in January 2020. His reasons for seeking a better ERP system were far more straightforward. « We’re a highly specialized company, and we need highly customizable software. » A unique company with specific needs Superior, Wisconsin, is located on the western corner of its namesake Lake Superior and …

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Carriage House Door: Achieving Cost Insight and Control

Carriage House Door managers knew the company was successful, but they lacked immediate insight into the many custom garage doors they make each week. “The challenge,” says Shawn Guthrie, director of manufacturing for Carriage House Door, “is how do we improve without dependable visibility? We needed to know more than the gross numbers to grow and improve the experience for our customers.” Carriage House Door handcrafts gorgeous wood garage and …

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Midway Windows & Doors: Doing Fabrication Their Way

Midway Windows & Doors

Located on Chicago’s South Side, Midway Windows and Doors claims a rich legacy of unmatched quality and unparalleled customer service—a distinction that has earned this manufacturer of new construction, replacement windows and patio doors the unrivaled devotion from their customers throughout the Midwest. Midway culture Vice President Artie Strauss describes the family-owned business in humble terms. His grandfather Arthur started Midway in 1964, eventually passing the torch to his son …

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Vinylmax: Doing the Right Things

Laura Doerger-Roberts, president of Vinylmax Windows, is an awe-inspiring presence in the window and door industry—a direct result of her and her family’s indomitable work ethic and their shared passion for the company’s mission—Prioritize the Customer Experience. Make exceptional windows. Do the right things. A family-owned business that began in 1982 with a mere 50-window per day capacity, Vinylmax founder and Laura’s father Jim Doerger eventually passed the torch onto …

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Laurier Glass: A Leap of Faith

Laurier Glass was founded by the Mercier sisters’ grandfather in 1950. In a natural progression, their father took over the company and, in due time, had no hesitation when it came to handing the reins over to his more than capable daughters. Since its beginning, Laurier had served as a leader in the manufacturing of mirrors for the residential industry and later expanded their operation to include glass tempering and silk screening. …

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TECESA Architectural Glass: Standing Out Among Their Competitors


Northwest of Mexico City, the town of Irapuato in the Bajío Valley lies along the Irapuato River.  Using irrigation waters from the upper Lerma River, Irapuato has leveraged its unique geography to emerge as an important agricultural and livestock center known for its strawberries, corn, cattle, and pigs.  The town is also home to TECESA (Templados Del Centro S.A de C.V.) Architectural Glass, a 250-employee operation that uses FeneVision to …

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Avanti Industries: Working Together to Achieve the Same Goals

Avanti Industries

When you first meet Dustin Petty, it’s hard to imagine this boyishly good-looking young man is the wildly successful president of Avanti Industries. Petty’s affable spirit and easygoing manner belie his sharp business acumen and customer-centered vision for the future of this family-owned company. The Phoenix, Arizona-based Avanti Industries actually began in 1985 as a window distributorship with a loyal customer base. Dustin, along with parents Jerry and Beverly and …

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Intigral: Customer-Driven


Intigral’s unique recipe for success can’t be found in any of the manufacturing annals of American industry. Most manufacturing facilities have a recipe for success that’s the result of careful planning, trial and error, conventional wisdom, and just a little bit of luck.  Not so with northeast Ohio-based Intigral, Inc.  From the east coast to across the Midwest, Intigral is a supplier of IGU, monolithic, and blinds-between-the-glass products for window …

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United Plate Glass: Not Just Surviving, but Thriving

United Plate Glass

Businesses today are faced with all kinds of challenges.  Simply surviving the competitive landscape that exists is tough enough, but actually thriving in it requires something extra. By focusing on the right combination of people and technology, United Plate Glass has done just that—and then some. Located just northeast of Pittsburgh in Butler, Pennsylvania, United Plate Glass (UPG) is a family-owned and operated company whose extraordinary growth throughout the past two decades …

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Virginia Glass Products: Reflecting on Success

Virginia Glass Products

Nestled among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Virginia Glass and Virginia Mirror, whose origins began 103 years ago as Virginia Mirror Company, supplying mirrors to the rapidly growing Virginia furniture business. The resounding success of Virginia Mirror and its expansion into a state-of-the-art silvering line led to the development of Virginia Glass Products in 1956, a subsidiary of Virginia Mirror Company. Following the economic downturn of 2008, the …

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GlasPro: Looking for Ways to Say ‘Yes’


California-based architectural glass company GlasPro’s ability to emerge at the top of their game despite the recent economic downturn is only one of the many reasons the company is as unique and resilient as the glass they produce. With this renewed confidence, GlasPro recently decided to implement FeneVision as their production software. Changes led to increasing strength The latest recession and the challenges that accompany a transformation of internal management …

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Lindsay Window & Door: Helping People Inside and Outside

Lindsay Window & Door

“People evaluating ERP systems today want to know whether the software will help them grow,” says Geoff Roise, owner of Lindsay Window & Door in North Mankato, Minnesota. “FeneVision has certainly helped us grow as we’ve expanded from two to six locations over the past several years.”  This includes getting FeneVision ERP up and running at new locations in under two weeks, Roise says. Lindsay was started in 1947 to make …

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