‘Tis the season … to be grateful

The holidays can bring out the worst in people; however, I choose to focus on how the holidays bring out the very best in all of us.  With the blessings we said at Thanksgiving behind us and with Hanukkah and Christmas right around the corner, we’re at that magical time of the year where we’re inundated with good cheer and warm, happy feelings. 

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Glass Magazine confirms what FeneTech employees already know

This is a great place to work. The November issue of Glass Magazine featured FeneTech’s aesthetically pleasing and visually inspiring office space as a model for other companies wishing to retain good employees.  Read about it here, and see why FeneTech is a great place to work.

Virginia Glass Products: Reflecting on Success

Nestled among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Virginia Glass and Virginia Mirror, whose origins began 103 years ago as Virginia Mirror Company, supplying mirrors to the rapidly growing Virginia furniture business. The resounding success of Virginia Mirror and its expansion into a state-of-the-art silvering line led to the development of Virginia Glass Products in 1956, a subsidiary of Virginia Mirror Company. Following the economic downturn of 2008, the …

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FeneTech Sponsors Auto Glass Week

FeneTech has signed on to sponsor Auto Glass Week, an annual gathering created as an educational event for automotive glass company owners, managers, technicians and suppliers. The conference continues to grow each year and provides an unparalleled educational experience.  Read more about Auto Glass Week on their website http://autoglassweek.com/ .

Don’t Be Held Hostage

FeneTech’s A.J. Piscitelli warns of the dangers of Ransomware in his latest post, «Pay up, or never see your files again!», outlining this ominous threat to your company’s files, but offering ways to ward off the bad guys. Pay up, or never see your files again! Working at FeneTech, I have an opportunity to see a lot of different networks and work with IT professionals with varying degrees of expertise. It’s an …

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FeneVision Wins 2016 Most Innovative Software Award

  The 2016 Glass Magazine Awards FeneVision was among Glass Magazine’s 2016 best of the best, winning the publication’s award for Most Innovative Software.  According to Glass Magazine, «The 2016 award winners demonstrate imagination and collaboration in product development and project creation.  Award winners stepped out of the box to help build glass factories that are safe and efficient, and to showcase glass as an ideal product for building aesthetics and performance.» …

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GlasPro: Looking for Ways to Say ‘Yes’

California-based architectural glass company GlasPro’s ability to emerge at the top of their game despite the recent economic downturn is only one of the many reasons the company is as unique and resilient as the glass they produce. With this renewed confidence, GlasPro recently decided to implement FeneVision as their production software. Changes led to increasing strength The latest recession and the challenges that accompany a transformation of internal management …

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Lindsay Window & Door: Helping People Inside and Outside

“People evaluating ERP systems today want to know whether the software will help them grow,” says Geoff Roise, owner of Lindsay Window & Door in North Mankato, Minnesota. “FeneVision has certainly helped us grow as we’ve expanded from two to six locations over the past several years.”  This includes getting FeneVision ERP up and running at new locations in under two weeks, Roise says. Lindsay was started in 1947 to make …

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FeneTech Commemorates 20th Anniversary in an Artistic Way

Leading software provider to the glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing industries FeneTech, Inc. celebrated their 20th anniversary with a combination open house and art show featuring Cleveland artist Brian Jones, whose unique brand of software and engineer-themed glass artwork adorns FeneTech’s Campus Drive facility. FeneTech President and CEO Ron Crowl noted that, “Twenty years of success has only been made possible by the dedicated efforts of our talented …

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Penn State Behrend Student Describes her «FeneVision Experience»

Penn State Behrend student and former FeneTech co-op Krystal Elliot was featured in the school’s Engineering News publication.  When describing her experience at FeneTech, Elliot credited the company with allowing her to apply her skills in providing real-world software solutions—first with Quality Assurance and then in Applications. FeneTech CEO Ron Crowl stated that Krystal’s contributions to the company equaled the many benefits she gained while at FeneTech. Read more about Krystal’s experience in The Changing …

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Testimonio Van Noordenne

La compañía holandesa Van Noordenne se considera única en comparación con el resto de las compañías en la industria del vidrio, citando su modelo de negocio como único en su clase. Con múltiples ubicaciones de manufactura y transporte, combinado con la rara habilidad de proveer a sus clientes con una amplia gama de productos en vidrio, Van Noordenne se enorgullece en su rapidez de respuesta y su operación flexible. Es  sobre estos pilares que la empresa fue formada y construida.

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Seaway Manufacturing: Small but Strong

Smaller window and door makers have fewer resources to invest in improvements, overcome downturns or counter aggressive competition. This makes Seaway Manufacturing, a modest-sized window, door and sunroom company based in equally modest Erie, Pennsylvania, notable. Founded in 1959, Seaway specializes in premium vinyl replacement windows, patio doors and sunrooms, which it sells through specialty home improvement dealers in more than 20 states, primarily in the  Northeast. While its first products were aluminum storm …

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Automation Has Its Advantages

Why Automation is Good for the Fenestration Industry

Nate Huffman’s recent article, «Finders Keepers … Automation Retains Talent, Increases Production, Reduces Overhead» appeared in DWM Magazine’s March 2016 issue. The article outlines how automation is actually good for the fenestration industry in terms of hiring and retaining quality employees.  This philosophy is contrary to what many in manufacturing have been led to believe.

«Automation and technology have increased productivity and quality in manufacturing, especially within the fenestration industry.» — Nate Huffman

Huffman goes on to list several applications that have actually proven to do just what the title suggests:  Retain talent, increase production, and reduce overhead.

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Témoignage VanNoordenne

Peter Koops souligne la manière dont FeneVision a dirigé l’évolution de sa société vers une entreprise de verre plus prospère. La compagnie de fabrication de verre néerlandaise Van Noordenne est sans pareil si on la compare à la plupart des fabricants de verre, citant son modèle économique comme étant unique en son genre. Avec ses nombreux équipements de fabrication et de transport, associé à la possibilité rare de fournir à …

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Van Noordenne: From Success to Even Bigger Triumph

Peter Koops outlines how FeneVision has guided the evolution of his company to an even more successful glass enterprise. Dutch glass fabrication company Van Noordenne considers itself unique compared to most glass outfits, citing its business model as one-of-a-kind.  With multiple manufacturing and transportation facilities, combined with the rare ability to provide their customers with a full range of glass products, Van Noordenne prides itself on its speedy and flexible operation. …

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