Wincore Windows & Doors – FeneVision

Wincore Windows & Doors – FeneVision

“Wincore set out to create a world-class window company solely focused on customer satisfaction. FeneVision was there from the start and seven years later continues to help us grow.

The company was founded in 2007 by 12 people with more than two centuries of combined industry experience. Since then, we’ve grown from 50 to 250 employees with customers nationwide.

We’re still growing because our customers know they’re going to get a quality product delivered on time that has the strength and experience of Wincore behind it. We have great people with high standards for product, service and open communications. Who we hire is everything.”

We’re not just bigger today, we do more

Wincore Window & Doors Logo“We initially offered two replacement lines and two new construction lines. We added entry doors after two years and now offer 14 product lines, including StormForce impact windows. We’ve fabricated our own IG since day one and added many IG options the past two years.

The founding partners knew the choice of software was a serious decision—it can cost you your company. It has to work, not only to execute the basics every day, but to help us be more efficient.

From day one, FeneVision has worked this way for us. It’s part of everything we do, from order entry through inventory, production, trucking, accounting and back to our customers, full circle, 360 degrees.

Our people are the backbone of our company, but FeneVision is right behind.”

Systems matter more than ever

“The founders knew we had to have capability like this to compete and grow. They wouldn’t have started Wincore without it.

Today, if you don’t have the tools to enable customers to place their own orders, you can’t even get in the door. FeneVision’s web order entry is a competitive advantage that has allowed us to go in and win customers where we couldn’t before.

Now our customers’ customers are creating their own quotes and placing and tracking orders any time day and night. It makes it easy to do business with us.”

A system that adjusts to us

“In 2007, several ERP systems were evaluated. FeneVision was chosen to be the best on functionality, ease of use for operators, affordability and flexibility.

Without modification, FeneVision is rock solid. All the steps for window and door making are already in the package. Yet it’s highly customizable. We’ve always been able to configure FeneVision to fit us, rather than the other way around. We routinely script new capabilities as wants and situations arise.

Every one of our management teams uses FeneVision’s business intelligence features every day. We can create our own reports or have them created for us, but we’ve found many of the standard reports are very useful.

With FeneVision, we operate the way we want to.”

No limits

“We plan to keep growing. We’re adding more options and whole new product lines. We see no limits in the software. It is very scalable, powerful and strong.

We still get calls every other week asking us to change systems. We always tell them we’re happy where we are. FeneVision is working very well for us.

I love the software. And this is coming from a guy who created his own fenestration ERP in the past. Everything we need is built into FeneVision.

At the beginning of the day, in the middle of the day, at the end of the day, it makes what we do better.”

Toby Nichols
Wincore Windows & Doors