FeneTech Sales Contacts

Sales Contacts

FeneTech’s sales contacts are your introduction to FeneVision ERP software.  Any one of them will be happy to answer your questions about our FeneVision ERP software solutions. These individuals will provide you with all the data, evidence, and knowledge you need to make a clear, informed decision about our products.

Contact one of sales team for more information or to request a demonstration.  Let them show you what our software can achieve for you.

FeneTech Management Horst Mertes

Horst Mertes
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
President, FeneTech Europe

FeneTech Sales Matt Batcha

Matt Batcha
Business Development, Window and Door Fabrication North America

FeneTech Sales Dave Miller

Dave Miller
Business Development, Glass Fabrication North America

FeneTech Sales Alex Ochoa

Alex Ochoa Camberos
Business Development, Latin America
Office:  +1 330.954.7545
Mobile:  +52 1 3316 05 7136
Whatsapp:  +52 1 3316 04 7136