FeneTech Quality Solutions

FeneVision quality solutions give users the tools to visually display items to be manufactured with the correct colors and details and eliminates redundant data entry, a significant source of errors. Additionally, these quality solutions provide customizable reporting that enables you to see into all areas of your operation and detect trends and issues.

But we don’t stop there. In addition to modules that extend FeneVision to more areas of your business, we offer three additional quality solutions that can be operated as standalone applications or integrated with FeneVision:  the LineScanner, VirtualDigitizing and the CulletScanner.

FeneVision LineScanner powered by Softsolution

FeneVision LineScanner is a high-speed, high-resolution and proven solution that will help you consistently find a high percentage of glass defects and regain the confidence of your customers. It’s a new and affordable solution.

Powered by Austrian engineering firm Softsolution, the FeneVision LineScanner uses a 400-dots-per-inch bar scanner that can process as fast as 30 meters per minute. It can output to a standalone display station or be integrated with your current production system.

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FeneVision VirtualDigitizing powered by Softsolution

With FeneVision VirtualDigitizing, you can quickly produce an accurate production drawing from a shape in the plant or field. Simply set up the shape with targets, take a photo with the calibrated camera, import the photo into VirtualDigitizing and export the DXF file to your fabrication system.

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FeneVision CulletScanner powered by Softsolution

FeneVision CulletScanner provides an automatic one-pass fragmentation test of tempered and heat-strengthened glass, eliminating manual counting. Each detailed analysis includes the number of pieces, overall size, maximum length, and weight. Because it stores all tests, you can review all previous analyses.

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