FeneVision Fenestration Tracking System

The FeneVision Tracking System provides valuable production information to both plant management and direct labor. The system consists of networked tracking stations located in key production areas throughout the production facility. The tracking stations collect intermediate production status information and visually displays key unit assembly attributes to the direct labor.

Tracking System Displays

Each Production Tracking Station visually displays unit assembly information and production status. Typical plant floor production tracking displays are shown. The displayed visual objects are different at each station depending on the assembly requirements.

The installation of the FeneVision Tracking System results in …

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Production Information

The collection of production information at each “tracked” production area provides real time information to key manager’s desktops. The instantaneous status of daily production provides a clear view of what’s happening on the factory floor and allows management to be proactive and minimize bottlenecks.

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Visual Feedback

Each production tracking station provides cell specific visual feedback to production workers. This visual feedback allows units to be assembled consistently with less rework. The visual representation of each unit dramatically reduces worker training time and the dependence on remembering assembly rules.

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Deal with Rejects and Remakes

A unit rejected at any manufacturing cell is discovered immediately and can be submitted for remake.

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Bar-coding of units and transport racks minimize lost production and increase the utilization of plant assets.

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Transfer or shipment of units are recorded and any incomplete units are identified with backorder status.


Truck Loading

Truck Loading is an integral part of the Tracking System. Information is provided to allow efficient and accurate shipping of finished goods.