FeneVision OPTI-Temp tempering system

FeneVision’s tempering bed optimization system—OPTI-Temp—allows glass manufacturers to optimize tempering bed layouts.  This high performance software tool delivers excellent bed yields.  Its unique execution allows the user to select slotted racks on a monitor simply by entering the production schedule and rack numbers.  These are brought to the furnace’s loading station where optimization takes place with the loading bed layout graphically displayed on a touch screen.


Loading made easy

The operator loads the bed according to the graphical layout and slot numbers. Loading can also occur automatically using a loading robot. After loading is complete, the operator confirms the graphical display, also shown on a touch screen.

Remakes?  No problem.

Any breakage can be reported at the unload station using the touch screen.  These items will be sent back to FeneVision OPTI-GLASS and OPTI-BREAK as cutting remakes. As each optimized load goes through the furnace, label printing occurs automatically.

Return on investment

FeneVision OPTI-TEMP saves on high energy costs with a return on investment achieved in a very short time.