FeneVision Tempering System

The FeneVision Tempering bed optimization is a high performance software tool and delivers excellent bed yields. Slot racks are brought to the loading station of the furnace and can be selected on a monitor by entering the production schedule and rack numbers. After this a fully automatic and dynamic optimization takes place and the bed loading layout is displayed fully graphically on a touch screen.  The operator then loads the bed according to the graphical layout and the displayed slot numbers. The loading could also be done by means of a loading robot, fully automatically. After the bed load is completed the operator confirms and the graphical load display is shown at the furnace exist, also fully graphic on a touch screen. Breakage in the quench can be reported back by touching on the screen. Automatic label printing is done at the exit of the furnace and happens online as each optimized load goes through the furnace. The FeneTech Temp-Opt system delivers high yields and saves on high energy costs. A payback therefore can be achieved in a very short time.