FeneVision Optimization Tools

FeneVision Optimization tools were specifically designed to get the most out of your raw materials.  We realize that optimization is essential in running an efficient, profitable business. However, optimization is more than just getting the most out of materials. It is also getting the most out of manpower, machinery, and time. FeneTech offers lineal optimization and glass optimization products that can operate as a standalone application, interface with other open architecture systems, or tightly integrate with the FeneVision CORE software.

FeneVision Lineal Optimization

When it comes to lineal optimization of your raw materials, the FeneVision Lineal Optimizer provides the ability to achieve maximum yields from the vinyl, aluminum, or wood used in window manufacturing.  Additionally, the FeneVision Lineal Optimizer can help you get the most out of your door, grid, or spacer materials. This application interfaces with any open architecture saw or positioner and can integrate with FeneVision CORE or act as a standalone application.

FeneVision MAX-Opt

Is it possible to maintain acceptable yields while still practicing lean manufacturing? Yes, with FeneVision MAX-Opt. MAX-Opt is a flexible lineal optimizer that utilizes carefully developed algorithms to give you the flexibility needed to maintain lineal yields while implementing lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing has significantly reduced work in progress and increased performance metrics throughout manufacturing facilities. Among the most significant by-products of lean manufacturing are smaller batch sizes, which significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

FeneVision OPTI:  The last word in glass optimization

Fenevision OPTI is an accompaniment to FeneVision CORE that represents an integrated glass cutting optimization system designed to maximize yields when cutting glass. Available as a standalone application or integrated with CORE, FeneVision OPTI supports a variety of shapes, both standard and non-standard. This application interfaces with any open architecture cutting table.