FeneVision CulletScanner

FeneVision CulletScanner provides an automatic one-pass fragmentation test of tempered and heat-strengthened glass, eliminating the need for manual counting. CulletScanner is able to scan the entire glass piece and evaluate it in seconds. Every fragment is detected and measured.

Each detailed analysis includes the number of pieces and overall size with maximum length and weight. In addition, CulletScanner calculates the exact length, area and weight of every cullet. Exclude areas around the edge of the test glass and the impact point can be identified and ignored.

All scans are stored so that you can review all previous tests, allowing you to achieve maximum quality in as little time as possible. Scans can be archived at up to 400dpi using data compression. Additional data, such as the oven and other information, can be included.

CulletScanner includes a scan table and the necessary image sensors allowing you to view every fragment with an exact angle of 90°.