GPAD—Glass Processing Automation Days

GPAD is an annual two-day educational event for glass fabrication industry leaders that provides in-depth insight into the latest developments in glass fabrication equipment and software solutions in an up-close and personal setting unavailable anywhere else on the globe.

The event is held in late winter at conference center in a warm destination location. 

GPAD is an educational event

Founded by FeneTech, GPAD includes breakout sessions with technical experts from more than a dozen production and technology solution providers. Attendance is limited to 100 participants, allowing for full discussion and questions and answers.

Want additional details or one-on-one discussions? Presenting vendors are also have staff available in the exhibit area during breaks.

You’ll also be able to network extensively with fellow attendees. During breaks, meals and each evening’s entertainment during both days, you’ll also have time to meet and interact with managers and area experts attending from companies interested in exploring how the latest innovations can benefit quality, speed, efficiency and profits.

All of which is why we say GPAD is an educational event, quite possibly the greatest educational event in the entire glass fabrication industry.