Building the Glass Factory of Tomorrow

FeneTech President & CEO Ron Crowl
January 28, 2019

(This article originally appeared in the online edition of Glass Magazine, January 28, 2019.)

FENml dashboard, featuring valuable information for a Bystronic IG line, such as current status, production rates, overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, product quality issues and maintenance compliance.

Keeping up with the latest trends in machines and manufacturing is practically a full-time job. Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things have exponentially hastened the development of a host of enhancements that are poised to change the way glass fabricators conduct business. Here are five of the top machine and manufacturing trends to look for in 2019.

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FeneTech at WinDoor promotes FENml

FeneTech, one of several software companies at WinDoor 2017 in Toronto, used its platform to promote the advantages of FENml: Fenestration Manufacturing Language. Read more about FeneTech and FENml in the November 30, 2017 post by DWM Magazine.    

FeneTech unveils FENml at GlassBuild 2017

GlassBuild 2017 will be remembered for many things; not the least of which was its inauspicious beginnings amid the tail end of Hurricane Irma. But even more exciting was FeneTech’s unveiling of its latest initiative FENml. Read here  Bethany Stough’s Glass Magazine piece “Standardizing the IIot” about FeneTech’s pioneering solution to the problem of streamlining inter-connectivity among machinery, glass fabricators and window & door manufacturers, suppliers, and software providers.

Workforce Development: Labor And Automation

Bethany Stough taps FeneTech’s Matt Batcha on the changing fenestration industry

The fenestration industry is waking up to technology advancements and automation. While some companies have invested in more automated factories for years, industry suppliers and economic forecasters have seen a shift in the past two to three years where this type of investment is growing into a mainstream industry trend. The robots and automated machinery widely on display and sold at industry trade shows is one indication of this growing trend.

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