Integrated & Automated … and FENml is on the cutting edge

In October’s edition of Glass Magazine, editor Katy Devlin outlines the glass industry’s focus on integration and automation.  With fewer employees needed to operate and manage the latest systems, glass plants today have become more sophisticated, more efficient, and safer, in large part because of advancements in automation and plant integration.  Read here to find out more about this exciting trend.

Integrated and Automated: FeneTech is on the Cutting Edge

In October’s edition of Glass Magazine, editor Katy Devlin outlines the glass industry’s latest focus in her article “Integrated & Automated: Tracking the trends of the advancing glass fabrication facility.”  With fewer employees needed to operate and manage the latest systems, glass plants today have become more sophisticated, more efficient, and safer, in large part because of advancements in automation and plant integration. “Industry 4.0 was a major focus of …

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FENml Presents at GlassBuild America

Last month’s GlassBuild will be remembered for many things; not the least of which was its inauspicious beginnings amid the tail end of Hurricane Irma. But even more exciting was FeneTech’s unveiling of its latest initiative FENml. Read here about FeneTech’s pioneering solution to the problem of streamlining inter-connectivity.

FENml initiative introduced at GlassBuild America

FeneTech’s newest initiative—FENml (Fenestration Manufacturing Language)—was introduced at GlassBuild America. FeneTech’s AJ Piscitelli led two presentations on the initiative, which provides a baseline standard of communication for the fenestration industry. Read more at

TECESA Architectural Glass: Standing Out Among Their Competitors

Northwest of Mexico City, the town of Irapuato in the Bajío Valley lies along the Irapuato River.  Using irrigation waters from the upper Lerma River, Irapuato has leveraged its unique geography to emerge as an important agricultural and livestock center known for its strawberries, corn, cattle, and pigs.  The town is also home to TECESA (Templados Del Centro S.A de C.V.) Architectural Glass, a 250-employee operation that uses FeneVision to …

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Avanti Industries: Working Together to Achieve the Same Goals

When you first meet Dustin Petty, it’s hard to imagine this boyishly good-looking young man is the wildly successful president of Avanti Industries. Petty’s affable spirit and easygoing manner belie his sharp business acumen and customer-centered vision for the future of this family-owned company. The Phoenix, Arizona-based Avanti Industries actually began in 1985 as a window distributorship with a loyal customer base. Dustin, along with parents Jerry and Beverly and …

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Intigral: Customer-Driven

Intigral’s unique recipe for success can’t be found in any of the manufacturing annals of American industry. Most manufacturing facilities have a recipe for success that’s the result of careful planning, trial and error, conventional wisdom, and just a little bit of luck.  Not so with northeast Ohio-based Intigral, Inc.  From the east coast to across the Midwest, Intigral is a supplier of IGU, monolithic, and blinds-between-the-glass products for window …

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FeneTech’s Focus on Fabrication at GPD 2017

FeneTech’s Horst Mertes and Alex Ochoa speak about the IoT (Internet of Things) / Industry 4.0 and how software integration is changing glass fabrication.  Check out their interview with Ellen Rogers of USGlass News Network.

FeneTech to Exhibit at Colombia Glass 2017

Platinum sponsor FeneTech will present its software for glass fabricators and window and door manufacturers at Colombia Glass 2017 October 24-25 in Bogota, Colombia.  Read more about FeneTech’s involvement at  

United Plate Glass: Not Just Surviving, but Thriving

Businesses today are faced with all kinds of challenges.  Simply surviving the competitive landscape that exists is tough enough, but actually thriving in it requires something extra. By focusing on the right combination of people and technology, United Plate Glass has done just that—and then some. Located just northeast of Pittsburgh in Butler, Pennsylvania, United Plate Glass (UPG) is a family-owned and operated company whose extraordinary growth throughout the past two decades …

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Going the Extra (Smart) Mile

Ron Crowl March 14, 2017 THE TALK… | Management In the March 14, 2017 edition of Window & Door Magazine, FeneTech CEO Ron Crowl makes an observation about employees who “go the extra mile.”  Read about it here and think about ways that your company can find little ways to make a big difference. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference Recently, I needed to run my filthy …

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FeneTech Among the Industry’s Forward Thinkers

Published in the January 2017 issue of USGlass Magazine is Katherine Coig’s article “Connecting the Dots:  How Integrated Software Enhances Automation”.  In it, she relies upon testimony from some of the world’s leaders in fenestration software (including FeneTech) who confirm that automation is the key when it comes to the future of the glass fabrication industry.

Women in Fenestration

The Customer Whisperer: FeneTech’s Ryan Anderson DWM Magazine’s Trey Barrineau recognizes the increasing role of women in fenestration.  Among the group is FeneTech’s Ryan Anderson.  Read more about Ryan’s role—not only here at FeneTech, but as a growing number of fenestration professionals who are breaking the barriers in a male-dominated industry.