Seaway Manufacturing: Small but Strong

Smaller window and door makers have fewer resources to invest in improvements, overcome downturns or counter aggressive competition. This makes Seaway Manufacturing, a modest-sized window, door and sunroom company based in equally modest Erie, Pennsylvania, notable. Founded in 1959, Seaway specializes in premium vinyl replacement windows, patio doors and sunrooms, which it sells through specialty home improvement dealers in more than 20 states, primarily in the  Northeast. While its first products were aluminum storm …

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Automation Has Its Advantages

Why Automation is Good for the Fenestration Industry

Nate Huffman’s recent article, “Finders Keepers … Automation Retains Talent, Increases Production, Reduces Overhead” appeared in DWM Magazine’s March 2016 issue. The article outlines how automation is actually good for the fenestration industry in terms of hiring and retaining quality employees.  This philosophy is contrary to what many in manufacturing have been led to believe.

“Automation and technology have increased productivity and quality in manufacturing, especially within the fenestration industry.” — Nate Huffman

Huffman goes on to list several applications that have actually proven to do just what the title suggests:  Retain talent, increase production, and reduce overhead.

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Témoignage VanNoordenne

Peter Koops souligne la manière dont FeneVision a dirigé l’évolution de sa société vers une entreprise de verre plus prospère. La compagnie de fabrication de verre néerlandaise Van Noordenne est sans pareil si on la compare à la plupart des fabricants de verre, citant son modèle économique comme étant unique en son genre. Avec ses nombreux équipements de fabrication et de transport, associé à la possibilité rare de fournir à …

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Van Noordenne: From Success to Even Bigger Triumph

Peter Koops outlines how FeneVision has guided the evolution of his company to an even more successful glass enterprise. Dutch glass fabrication company Van Noordenne considers itself unique compared to most glass outfits, citing its business model as one-of-a-kind.  With multiple manufacturing and transportation facilities, combined with the rare ability to provide their customers with a full range of glass products, Van Noordenne prides itself on its speedy and flexible operation. …

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