How an Empty Cup Inspired FeneTech’s Mission Statement

“The principle here is universal, whether you’re working for an amusement park, a window company, or a supplier to the industry. Does your company have a customer-centric philosophy?”

Those familiar with northwestern Pennsylvania will have heard of Conneaut Lake Park.  As a 14-year-old growing up within spitting distance, I began working at the park in 1976.  Before my first day, I attended an orientation outlining the rules for working in the food stands.

Most rules were common sense, but one rule required an explanation.  The management counted drink cups every night to determine how much product was sold.  If the remaining cups did not match the amount of money turned in, someone was either stealing money or giving away drinks.

Two decades later those drink cups led to the development of our FeneTech mission statement.

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Vitrum Glass Implements FeneVision as its ERP Solution

In a recently published article in Glass Magazine, Nicky Whitehouse from Vitrum Glass describes the “FeneVision Experience” … [The] configuration process lasted about a year, and was supported by a dedicated FeneTech team … “FeneTech had brainstorm sessions with us. If we had a gap, they would help to come up with the best possible ways for the process to flow … They wanted the software to meet or exceed …

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